Acupuncture has been a lifeline for me. When I embarked on this secret fertility journey, the support I got from Kate in Sims Clinic, got me through the early days. It gave me strength. I feel in particular it was the emotional effect that the acupuncture had which made the difference. It gave me the ability to believe that all will be well. I am now happily pregnant!


A dear friend recommended Kate to me when I decided to try acupuncture to help in trying to conceive. We had tried for about 2 years and decided not to go down the IVF route. So, with Kate’s background in midwifery, I also felt at ease as we embarked on our journey. She always took time before each session to chat and see how I was feeling, so she could work on any of my specific concerns. After one particular session I felt we had a big breakthrough, when discussing a particular source of grief concerning my mother who had passes away some years previously. After this I felt a big difference in my energy and had a huge sense of relief. Not long after this I discovered I was pregnant with twins! I continued to see Kate during my pregnancy and postnatally.


Acupuncture has really helped to keep me emotionally together during my journey towards conception. During the IVF process in Sims Clinic, the side effects of the medications were quite extreme at first, and I found that their effects were immediately relieved by the acupuncture. It also stopped me from panicking. Kate always took time to listen to my concerns and worries. I had a big emotional release during one of my acupuncture sessions, mainly of my fears of failure. Now I am delighted to report that I am pregnant and feeling well. I hope to continue with acupuncture up until the birth.


We found Kate Curtis via an Internet search for a local acupuncture clinic, after researching the benefits of acupuncture for general health and fertility. We were preparing for our 5th and final IVF cycle.

During the early sessions of my treatment, I learned of Kate’s experience in midwifery and her holistic approach to health. I believed Kate’s approach would benefit me greatly in my journey to become pregnant.

Having had very disappointing results from the fertility clinic in the previous 4 cycles with regard to how my body was responding to the hormone treatments, I didn’t hold out much hope on our 5th cycle. But when I started following Kate’s nutrition advice and doing the visualisation exercises during the acupuncture treatment, I was very pleasantly surprised that my body responded. Our embryo implantation was successful and I became pregnant. We’re the very proud parents of a beautiful little boy.

I would recommend Kate to anyone who wishes to improve their health and well being, especially when trying for children.


Oriana and Family

Having undergone two IVF’s in the previous 10 months I was very anxious and stressed embarking on the third round of treatment. I attended Kate for fertility acupuncture in the weeks before starting our third (and final!) IVF, as well as immediately before and after the embryo transfers.

The treatment helped me remain relaxed throughout my two week wait (something which I had found impossible previously) and I firmly believe it was the acupuncture which helped the implantation of the embryos.

Kate is a fantastic acupuncturist (and a former midwife too!), with a wonderful capacity to connect with people, and instantly put you at ease. I would highly recommend her to anyone and I will be eternally grateful to her in the role she played in my journey to motherhood.


I have attended Kate for a few years for relief of endometriosis.  I have discovered that by having treatment with acupuncture every two or three weeks in combination with herbs and supplements, the pain level is reduced to nil, and the other symptoms associated with inflammation are reduced remarkably. I have four sunny children and continued to have acupuncture throughout each pregnancy.


I would highly recommend Gráinne for acupuncture. Gráinne is simply gifted. I visited her twice a week to help with my stress/anxiety while I was undergoing fertility treatment. I often arrived at her door in floods of tears and she was always incredibly empathic, professional and a fantastic listener and I always left feeling well rested, relaxed, and positive after each treatment. During each session Gráinne would explain what each acupuncture needle was doing which I found very interesting. I often fell asleep during the sessions which was amazing as I am a terrible sleeper and on occasions where I didn’t fall asleep, I was able to stop thinking and just relax. I went twice a week and travelled from Kildare. I had tried other acupuncturists closer to home but never felt rested after the treatments or that I was really being listened to. Gráinne puts everything into her work and also really enjoys it. I am ever so grateful to be the proud mother of two beautiful children. I honestly could not recommend Gráinne enough and I think everyone should visit her at least once in their lives. Thank you for everything.


A friend of mine recommended Gráinne to me. While I was initially quite sceptical of alternative therapies, I booked in for an acupuncture session. Straight away Gráinne understood exactly what I needed and after just one session I felt like she made a massive improvement. Gráinne is a warm, intuitive, compassionate therapist that gives her all and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


Gráinne has helped me in so many ways through a variety of therapies – giving me counsel when I needed direction and somebody to talk to, healing when I needed comfort and support and finally acupuncture to revitalise me and set me on my path.


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