Nutrition and Herbal Medicine


The Neijing states “If no food is eaten for half a day, Qi is weakened, if no food is eaten for a full day, Qi is depleted.”

With all the negative effects of modern food processing, pesticides and antibiotics used to counteract infections in mass animal production, not to mention the genetic modification of wheat, resulting in proteins which stimulate inflammatory changes in the gut and pelvic organs, many people have difficulty in absorbing the optimum nutrition necessary to create and sustain new life. With dietary changes, and use of herbal tonics, organic supplements and food, a lot can be affected positively.

Western herbalism concentrates on use of plants and teas to clear toxins and build up the blood and core energetic system.

Chinese medicine concentrates on creating a stronger reaction, ensuring that the liver and kidneys are working well, the free flow of Liver Blood, and that Qi and Essence is enhanced and maintained which, in TCM, is responsible for the health of the reproductive system in both men and women.

Mushrooms are used to clear viruses, and heavy metals, and to regulate the immune system, which is necessary due to modern changes in our culture and living.