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Planting and Nourishing the Seed

Acupuncture is used to enhance the nourishment and core strength of each individual according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture enhances the possibility of pregnancy and also helps to support the pregnancy. The Kidneys are where we store our Jing, or Essence, which is the foundation of the body and its functions. The strength of this Essence is a significant factor in conception and determines the health and vitality of our children.

There are two types of Essence. The first is prenatal Essence, which is the genetic material we inherit from our parents, and the second is postnatal Essence, which we produce from the food we eat and how we live our lives. If there is a plan to have a baby, it is important to support the Kidney Essence.

The Essence can be enhanced with a combination of acupuncture, healthy eating, including the use of herbal tonics and supplements, and exercise, alongside learning how to deeply relax the mind.  This combination optimises the chance of conception to occur and allows for the continuation of a healthy pregnancy.

The essence is also the central focus in achieving well-being and hormonal balance during menopause and during  the menstrual  cycles.  Men achieve balance and vibrancy when Kidney Essence is enhanced.

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Other times may be arranged in home clinics in south Dublin and Gorey

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